About Adi

Arianie Elcida Hernandez also known as Adi has been working as a Visual Merchandiser for 7+ years. She currently creates interesting displays for two independently owned clothing stores through-out South Florida including Rhythm Couture and U rock Couture . She has also worked in corporate structures assisting in displays in stores such as Urban Planet and Giorgio Armani. 

She has attained a degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising and styled many photo shoots throughout South Florida.  Some of her styling work can be seen in publications such as First for Women, Papercut magazine, HUF magazine, La+ Belle, and Belle.

Adi has also worked in other Media as a musician, model, and performing artist. Casted as talent and Wardrobe Stylist in Saving the Seven Playgrounds Reality Show Pilot: 



 Adi's passion for music has also led her into styling for music videos . In 2016 she was the assistant to wardrobe stylist Lisa Michelle for the Nickelodeon Super Bowl  commercial featuring Flo Rida. She styled Miami musician, Annette Navarro's first official music video "Falling for you." 

Adi's experience in other Media has made her a relate able  Wardrobe Stylist who while being an Artist, also understands how to work with Artists and bring out their personality through the art of dressing.